High Speed Mixer

Radhekrishna extrusions manufactures high speed mixers for applications like
  • Grooved Filter
  • Water Inlet
  • S.S.Bing Discharge Valve
  • Pneuma Seal

Mixers for SPVC Compound Application

Model No.
Batch capacity(kg)
Hourly Production capacity per hour
(4-5 batches in an hour)
Heater mixer motor capacity
Cooler mixer motor capacity
RKHSM-10/RKCM-40 3 12-15 2.2/3.7 K.w. 0.75 k.w
RKHSM-10 V/RKCM-40 3 12-15 3.7 K.w. 0.75 K.w.
RKHSM-130 S/RKCM-400 35-40 160-200 15/18 K.w. 3.7 K.w.
RKHSM-200 S/ RKCM-400 65-70 280-350 32/38 K.w. 3.7 K.w.
RKHSM-250 S/ RKCM-600 85-90 360-450 38/46K.w. 5.5 K.w.
RKHSM-350 S/ RKCM-1000 115-120 480-600 46/67K.w. 7.5 K.w.
RKHSM-500/ RKCM-1500 185-200 800 to 1000 110 K.w. 11 K.w.
RKHSM-750/ RKCM-2500 285-300 1200-1500 132 K.w. 26 K.w.
RKHSM-1000/ RKCM-3000 400 1600-2000 190 K.w. 37 K.w.

Radhekrishna extrusions manufactures high speed mixers for applications like.

hightRadhekrishna  Extrusions manufactures far above the ground speed mixers for rigid PVC and supple PVC compounding request. The high speed mixers for unbending PVC composite purpose are intended bearing in mind high/near to the ground overflowing multiple applications as per customer’s prerequisite manufacturer  supplier IN India.

Most important facial appearance..

Broad range of n the models opening from the 10 to 3000 ltr.
appropriate form near to the ground/high spilling over composite function.
Versatile to combine all chemical/additives with bottom resin.
Supremacy well-organized.
Support protection skin for operator’s protection.
Good all the same integration of  the fabric.
Pneumatic   close knowledge for the preventing fine particles    penetration           outside bearing.
Particular outside layer on tool enhance existence of the tool.
Good-looking artistic seem.
Lively complementary the drive-driven winch and blandest.
Radhekrishna extrusions manufactures high speed mixers.


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